C/Asm Programs for TI-89 and TI-83(+)
eLock89 ScreenshoteLock 89 v1.0 is a very stable security program for the TI-89 with many good features. It is writen in C using TIGCC. It does not automatically run when the calculator is turned off, yet you can set it up to turn off the calculator when you press diamond+num. It outputs saved data to a file so you can send it to your friend without sending your passcode and it can remain (including the save file) archived at all times. Source included.
eLock83 ScreenshoteLock 83 v1.0 is the same idea as eLock 89 but for the TI-83/+. The graphics are minimal and runs with Ion and Mirage. Source included.
erCHAT 89 ScreenshoterCHAT89 v1.0 Beta2 is an IMing program for the calculator writen in C with TIGCC. It has a nice interface and is fast. Source included.
TI-Basic Programs
Base ScreenshotBase is a simple little program that converts numbers from any base to any other base given that the base is between 2 and 36 inclusive. This program will help you learn some basic functions and little bit about bases.
Law of Cosines ScreenshotLaw Of Cosines calculates the law of cosines.
Distance ScreenshotDistance calculates the distace between two points.
Kalkchat83b ScreenshotKalkchat83b is a small chatting program in which two linked calculators can send messages back and forth. This program can teach you how to make custom menus, make basic programs show up in Mirage OS, and trade information between calculators.
Slope Screenshot